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Amanda [userpic]

Writer's Block: Pet talk

April 7th, 2010 (04:36 pm)

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If your pet could talk, what is the first thing s/he would say to you?

Or, more toward me: "QUIT FAKE BZZING MY BUTT"

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December 29th, 2009 (07:06 pm)
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Uh, yeah. More clarity.

I just bought BERSERK on DVD (no shock - it's an anime show/manga). I got the 2003 DVD series collection release on eBay for $20. Should be here in a week.

I knew about the title for a long time but was always turned off by the cover artwork. Quite dark and menacing. Anyway, I started looking up information today and the series (plus screep captions) gave it all a new light. Still is to be violent and filled with darker characters, but looks entertaining enough. 8D (I actually wanted to purchase BASTARD - a six episode OAV - but I supressed that odd anime curiosity.)

Christmas was blah. My immediate family (+ my pollack) are great, but everyone else was... I don't want to talk about the day.

I will type something of more value soon. Maybe.

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December 7th, 2009 (10:43 am)
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Long quiz I did to waste some time before work.Collapse )

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Winter Quarter

November 10th, 2009 (05:35 pm)

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I just signed up for two courses for Winter Quarter.

They are:
BUS 101 (Introduction to Business) ONLINE
ASTR 100 (Introduction to Astronomy) ONLINE

Basically a lot of reading is what both these classes entail. No problem. I am self motivated anyway.

I am also pursueing working full time after the the new year! :D

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BWAHAHAH anime people. and PHAIL.

November 8th, 2009 (06:22 pm)

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Today while I was in Suncoast, a movie store at a mall, I overheard these two people who were into anime RANTING about all sorts of weird and random stuff. (I didn't look at either of them straight on but the guy looked 20ish and the girl looked like she was 15/16.) I was thinking to myself "God, please, shut up... XD" Anyway, they did not know each other prior to this little visit, and the guy asked the girl if she wanted to go see a movie with him. She responded with "I'm not looking to see anyone right now... How old do you think I am?", and he just went "uhhh?", and she told everyone essentially in the area of the store with the anime DVDs she is 15. XDDDD And she then asked the guy "How old are you?" and he awkwardly laughed, backed off, and said "Clearly too old for you".


A few of this guy's friends were there and after she left they discussed what had taken place. I almost bursted out laughing a few times. ("Man, I almost scored a caucasian girl! psh...") Guys have the most HILARIOUS conversations... XD

About 5 minutes after she left the guy was looking for a series I was standing near so I told him where it was and pointed with my foot. He then said "So, to avoid any awkward situations like before, how old are you?"
... I almost cracked up, seriously. I just told him "I'm engaged XD" and he announced loudly "Why are all the cute girls taken?!"

As I was paying for my 3 DVDs of Black Lagoon the clerk asked "Was he bothering you?" and I kind of went "ummm?", and she said "That guy that was here with his friends. He hit on me and I just brushed him off. As did the 15 year old. And you! XD" The two of us laughed and I just told her "Well, when he asked, I just flashed my ring quickly and told him 'I'm engaged' - he left me alone beyond that point."

Poor guy just can't win, huh? XDDDDDDDD

(Today I went to church with my dad and grandma, had a nice lunch together, then the three of us ran by a local mall for a bit of shopping. It was a good day!)

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Dear King County, Seattle, San Francisco, and Massachusetts

November 6th, 2009 (10:32 pm)

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Go screw yourselves.
Better yet, go ass fuck yourselves.

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I think this falls under modern politics, as usual.

November 3rd, 2009 (10:24 pm)

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How can you announce a 'win' for anything when only 62% of the ballots have been counted and there is a split of 51% v. 49%?


PS - Congratulations Virginia and New Jersey for your new hopefully more useful governors... Not so much for Washington.

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How do I really feel?

October 7th, 2009 (03:07 pm)

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I changed my status from 'angry' to 'good' because I was in a pleasant mood as I typed this. Politics in general make many people angry, including myself, and that's why I posted that emoticon. There is nothing wrong with me, since I am happy with my life at the moment. I was simply writing my thoughts.

I'm tired of politicians, Democrats and Republicans. Yeah, a handful from both parties are good, but let us stick to the point: They are full of bull shit. Pres. Obama and Sen. McCain. Neither party has a strong moral core anymore. All elections are about are 'popular opinion' and getting a socially powerful title.

I am tired of the government, and the figurative straw has broken this camel's back. I do not exist to be monitored and orderer around. Most of our laws are unnecessary waists of time used to make it look like our government officials were actually doing something. Did we really need laws against drunk driving? Wearing your seatbelt? Drinking ages? Affirmative action? If someone is driving drunk and causes an accident then hold them accountable. If they lack common sense then they will pay for it. If a person does not wear their seatbelt that is their choice. If someone is sixteen and drinks then that is their choice. I see nothing morally hazerdous about it (but then again, no one cares about morals anymore - only obeying laws - so whatever). If an employer denies someone because they are female, a certain race, or gay that is the employer's choice. If they deny me because I am female then fine, their choice. I will not be happy about it, but let me tell you, it is their right to do so.

Oh. And. The government, state or federal, should NOT TAKE 30% OF MY PAYCHECK, CHARGE SALES TAX, and PROPERTY TAXES.

Give me a break.

Hell, let people control their own destinies rather than taking the money they work for.

The government exists to work FOR US, not FOR ITSELF or its politicians. Those were our Founding Fathers' own thoughts. And we have gone and mucked a decent system up.

Whatever happened to moral integrity? Scruples? Honesty? Responsibility for yourself and family?

But that's right. Holding people in the United States to traditional Judeo-Christian Western values is politically incorrect and wrong because we have people of all nationalities and backgrounds here. We should be 'open minded and receptive'.
Excuse me? Aren't we a 'melting pot'? Well, not anymore, but 50+ years ago we were.

And people? I think most people should die. Right now. Drop dead. Literally. I tend to think I am amongst that majority.

I'm exhausted by all of this.

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September 24th, 2009 (12:37 pm)

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I messaged Laurent about buying some of his sample CDs and failed to compile a list of 'wants'. (Precious, eh?) XD So, I made a list of albums I have and albums I want.

Considering I accumulated the vast majority of these albums when I was 15-18 years old, I am quite proud of my collection!Collapse )

Snaps, I need a Mega NRG Man eurobeat icon!!!! XD

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This past weekend and recent stuff~!

September 21st, 2009 (06:15 pm)

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Well, here is a large synopsis of my life recently.

As of Monday September 7th my hours at work have been cut from 30 to 20. Thus, four hours 'on average' per day.

Thursday I went to work, and when I left headed to Forever 21 for an hour and bought a cute school outfit and a pencil skirt. That night Marek got here around 11:15pm and we stayed up til 1am watching TV and talking.

The next morning I got up, went to work for two hours, then came home. I changed into the school outfit I had purchased the day before, ate some banana bread which his mom made for us, then headed to the Puyallup Fair. We met my God-mother at a mall near the fair grounds, hopped in her car, and spent about eight hours at the fair. We mostly walked around, and lo' and behold, Marek mostly ate. :P We saw a hynotist show around 4, then returned at 6:45 to see him again. After the 4 o'clock show Marek went and bought this 'self help' book audio recorded and put onto a new mp3 player. He went to get it signed by the hynotist, an ever-awesome Travis Fox, and he was a... a funny, funny man. XD Marek and I both had a certain fondness for him, though. XD After the fair Marek dropped me fof at my house, ran to Hack in the Box, came back, and we watched Stargate SG-1 Season 1 (Marek and I ordered her seasons 1-10 on DVD for her birthday) with my mom and watched my nephew with her. I pretty much crashed on the couch. XD

Saturday morning Marek and I got up and went to JCPenny for our engagement photos. I had scheduled it earlier that week. Our appointment was at 10:40, we were getting photos til about noon, then were in JCP til 12:15ish selecting and ordering. When they arrive I will scan them and upload photos at Facebook!

When we got back I crashed on the couch again after I changed out of my skirt into some shorts, an napped on and off for a bit. My family celebrated my birthday on Saturday so people started showing up around 3pm. I was in and out mentally all day... Simply put, emotionally and physically exhausted. >< We had barbeque for dinner and Dairy Queen ice cream cake for desert~ My family left around 7:30pm, and my mom, Marek, and I wound up watching more Stargate with my mom and nephew. XD (My dad drove my grandmother home.)

Yesterday I had an appointment with Alfred Angelo's bridal, and my mom, God-mother, and we were there from about noon til 1:45. (The weekend before I had gone to three bridal stores to look at dresses. I tried on about 20 dresses total that past Saturday.) I tried on one dress from last Saturday, and five new dresses. I kept coming back to the one from last weekend, plus had thought about it most over the last week, and remembered the details best. After trying it on for a fourth time (twice last weekend, twice this weekend) I decided that was the dress I wanted. :D!

The three of us then went to an Italian restaurant for lunch, David's Bridal to get the veil I wanted, then my mom and I went to another store for a bit so she could pick up some odds and ends for stuff around our newly remodeled house.
(Meanwhile, Marek and my dad went to Home Depot and did small chores around our house... XD)
My mom, Marek, and I sat down and worked out a rough budget for the wedding expenses, then my dad barbequed and we had burgers. After dinner we wound up watching more Stargate and ate some ice cream cake from the night before. Marek left around 9:45pm for Canada, and I stayed up a bit doing random stuff.

All in all, it was a GREAT weekend. I just wish I had not been so tired (and due to this, edgy). All day Saturday I felt like I was in a fog.

I start school Wednesday. My birthday is tomorrow. That bites, a lot.
I was worried about my schedule for awhile because I had to drop two classes (Spanish IV and Survey of World History) because I am transfering to Highline CC this upcoming Winter Quarter due to marriage related things - in other words, I want an AA and universities here don't offer one. I needed to get two core or elective classes in, and while Philosophy 220 is fine, the other two were not. After much conversation back and forth through e-mail and phone my counselor and I have a new schedule assembled! (FINALLY.)
PSYC 120 MWF 08:15-09:40am
PHIL 220 MWF 10:00-11:25am
THRS 204 TTh 07:45-09:50am
I like the timetable better~ :)
I am ordering my books later this evening after my parents get home and I make sure their information is correct on Amazon. I won't have my books the first week of class... XD Oh well, not the end of the world.

Well, I took this week off a loooong time ago due to my birthday and school. I got up today around 9:45am, did nothing, ate some lunch, watched Tenchi Muyo Movies 1 & 2, and later shall watch Move 3! They were quite good, which surprised me a bit. XD I might watch some Blue Seed later, but we will see... I also intend on reading a manga. (I meant it when I said I was not going to be productive this Monday and Tuesday!) I am not usually ridiculously lazy like this, but I won't lie, a 'lazy day' once in awhile is not bad.

I can not believe I am 20... twenty years old... That does not seem right to me... I wish I could have been 18 forever. Oh well...

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